Our Leadership Team are highly trained leaders with years of experience, who understand and respond to the needs of our agents. When you're looking for an office to join, you are putting your business and success in their hands. Secure your success by working with experienced leaders who know how to support you.

"We believe in a strong office culture and environment because we believe success is contagious."

"We believe in allowing agents to run their business, their way - while adhering to MLS Rules & Regulations, and follow the industry's Standards of Practice and the Code of Ethics."

"We believe every broker bears the responsibility to be knowledgeable and available to their agents at all times."

"We believe every real estate company has the fundamental responsibility to provide a professional environment and the necessary tools to make their agents successful. It is their primary purpose and obligation."

"We believe your success is our success. Everybody Wins!"

Paul Blumenstetter

Designated Broker


26 Years Experience

James Christoforou

Agent Services Manager

15 Years Experience

Dani Carson

Controller - CFO

21 Years Experience

Carol Wright

Branch Manager

North Bend

26 Years Experience

Jim Muir

Branch Manager


40 Years Experience

Carmen Tomlinson

Branch Manager

Maple Valley

17 Years Experience

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